About Us

Michael Bandy

Our Journey

The House of Heritage was established in 2015 by Michael Bandy

Michael’s journey began with a passion for the classics.

He wanted The House of Heritage to be more than just a barbershop; it had to be a place where craftsmanship met luxury.

As the construction of The House of Heritage began, Michael made sure every detail was perfect. Rich leather chairs, a vintage feeling with a modern twist , and an extensive collection of grooming products filled the space. The ambiance was carefully curated to transport clients to a bygone era of gentlemen’s clubs and a timeless classic atmosphere. Michael wanted The House of Heritage to be a place where men could reconnect with tradition, where they could unwind, socialize, and feel like they were part of a fraternity of gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life.

The House of Heritage ; a place where heritage met modernity in perfect harmony.

Our Las Vegas Barbers Brining Back Bespoke Grooming


Our team of seasoned barbers specialize in old-school techniques and classic men’s hairstyles. Their skill and passion for tradition ensures an authentic nostalgic experience.