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Michael Bandy

Meet Michael

Michael started his career in the hair industry back in 2011 . As a stylist, business coach, and mentor, he’s devoted the past decade to educating stylists about the beauty industry . He has always been a creative and detail oriented person. His style is unique but yet original. Michael finds enjoyment in his career because he loves what he does . His work is pristine and precise. Michael holds high standard in all of his work. He is one of a kind. He can change your mood with his haircut Michael always tells people if your having a bad day get a haircut! “When you look good you feel good “. Michael is a master of his trade.

Michael has spent years travelling around the globe, making friends, and having some of the worlds most interesting conversations.

As an Award winning men’s stylist, shop owner, Michael is a grooming expert for a multitude of fashion magazines. He spends much of his time travelling the world sharing his passion for men’s grooming . Michael utilizes all the tips and tricks that have helped make him pave his way as a master in his craft .

Michael spends an extraordinary amount of time sharing his extensive knowledge of men’s grooming in classrooms and on stages big and small. He also takes the time with every client to style their own hair to use a brush and hairdryer and that work together to achieve the perfect look . Do yourself a favor and book a haircut experience with Michael . It can change the way you look at your hair forever,he is a true master .